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Chris Genkinger -

Click here for Chris' photographs.

Personal Info:
-Height: 5' 10"
-Weight: 215 Contest (1997), 275 Off-season (1998)
-Eyes: Brown
-Hair: Black

Print Ads:
-1994 Florida Muscle News, November
-1995 Ironman Magazine, December, Local Heros column
-1995 Muscle Mag International, January 1996
-1995 Latin Man Calendar for 1996-97
-1995 Gomez Studios: birthday cards, postcards and greeting cards
-1997 Florida Muscle News, May

-1995 ESPN American Muscle, August
-1995 ESPN American Muscle, contest coverage (2 shows)
-1995 Terry Photo: bodybuilding posing exhibition
-1996 ESPN American Muscle, March

Special Skills:
-Certified personal trainer
-Football, Basketball, Graphic Designer, Photography
-All Team Sports

Bodybuilding Titles:
-1992 NPC Teen Iowa, overall winner
-1993 NPC Iowa State, 2nd middleweight
-1993 Natural Chicago Classic, 2nd middleweight
-1994 NPC St. Louis Gold's Championships, overall winner teens and men
-1994 NPC Jr. Florida, overall teen winner
-1995 NPC Tournament of Champions, overall novice winner
-1995 NPC Amateur Grand Prix, 4th heavy (NQ)
-1997 NPC Southern USA, 1st heavy (NQ)
-1997 NPC First Coast Championships, 2nd heavy (NQ)

Click here for Chris' photographs.

Disclaimer:  (Because, unfortunately, I have to say this stuff.)  The suggestions and opinions on this website are based on my personal experiences. You should always check with your personal physician before starting any exercise programs, diets or nutritional supplements. In other words, all information you read on this site is for informational purposes only.  You are in control of what you do with the information.  I have no liability for what you do with the information or if it causes you any problems.  So, please be careful and use common sense.